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Europe's Energy Plan

In 2 days, the European Commission will reveal it's plan for alternative energies, that has already fueled an increase in wind turbine and solar energy power plants all over the continent.

You can read some information on today's article:

the European Commission is presenting an energy "roadmap" on Jan. 10 that aims to steer the bloc’s 490 million people in a different direction.

The policies, of unprecedented scope, will carry a plain warning: High and volatile oil prices, surging demand, unreliable supplies and global warming compel Europe to reconfigure its energy supply before it’s too late.

read the rest here

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Europe eclipses Wall Street

As seen in the news:

Boom-time Europe eclipses Wall Street Shanny Basar and Heidi Moore
The balance of power is shifting across the Atlantic at top US investment banks

''Many of the longstanding barriers to doing business in Europe have started to disappear. The myth of the single European market is gradually becoming reality, while the progress of Europe’s emerging economies has gathered steam. ''

''Bear Stearns, widely seen as the most American of the bulge-bracket banks, has seen its non-US operations become more profitable than its domestic business, according to Hecht. He said Bear Stearns’ overseas operations have grown to $1bn (€760m) in annualised revenues and the firm plans to get 25% of its revenues internationally, compared with today’s 13%.''

Original article in Financial News online

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German jobless rate falls

After four painful years the recovering Germany economy finally creates enough employment, pushing the latest jobless figures below 4 million.
One of the late signs of a recovering economy is the improvement of the labour market, much like we saw in the 2003-2004 economic recovery in the USA.

The unadjusted unemployment rate is now nine point six percent.

The Federal Labour Agency claims the data means the labour market has turned, and that Germany is now one of the industrialised world's fastest growing economies.

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Spain's GDP up 3.8 %

One more example of the thriving Spanish economy, and the effects of booming tourism growth.

Spanish gross domestic product in the third quarter grew 0.9 percent from the second quarter and 3.8 percent on the year, according to data released Wednesday by the National Statistics Institute.

Spain's economy is one of the Europe's fastest growing for over a decade, due primarily to strong internal consumption and 'Bubbling' housing market. The IBEX, Spain's stock market, is one of the top world performers in developed countries, and should bring even more promise to all South European Economies.

Other European stories:

A New Labor Law for Europe?

The European Commission will debate minimum rights for non-standard workers and how labor laws should reflect the changing definition
The European Commission will on Wednesday (21 November) launch a public debate on whether the EU needs new labour laws to define a 'worker' in the EU or minimum rights for workers with non-standard contracts.

In Business Week, read the rest here

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NYSE, Euronext bid gaining approval

The Euronext / NYSE merger seems each week closer, and looks like it won't take many more weeks for us to see the deal being closed.

Europe: NYSE sees Euronext bid gaining approval
"We're hoping in a couple of weeks that will be clarified for everybody," Chai said at an investor conference in New York that was broadcast on the Internet. "Ultimately, I do think we'll get there. I don't think that will slow us down."

NYSE Group plans to schedule a shareholder vote next month on its cash-and-stock bid for Euronext, which is now valued at $13.6 billion. Deutsche Börse's decision to withdraw its bid for Euronext on Wednesday cleared the way for NYSE Group.


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Euro-zone growth slowed

The economy in the EU euro-currency area grew by 0,5% in the last quarter, below the forecast of 0,7% and down from 0,9% in the second quarter.

We had less than expected growth in Germany and Italy, and grow in EU seems to have peaked, for this year at least, even if it is without rising inflation, that is expected to be 2,5% this year.

But since we live in a global economy, the performance of the U.S. economy in this next quarter will eventually boost Europe's growth. So the slowing growth is somewhat related to a more global slowdown in the economy.

The big surprise (or maybe not) is the fact that Spain remained even in the last three quarters with a 0,9% growth in each, maintaining the relatively strong GDP figures.
No big news here since Spain is now being chosen by international investors for the great performance of their markets, and is sided in performance with China.

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Vestas Wind Systems

Vestas Wind Systems is one of the biggest in wind power industry, Denmark-based company
engaged primarily in the development, manufacture, sale, marketing and maintenance of wind power systems that use wind energy to generate electricity. Its product range includes land and offshore wind turbines capable of generating between 850 kilowatts and 4.5 megawatts as well as Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) products. This Company is operating internationally.

With a record growing wind energy market in 2005 and probably beating that record this year, Vestas Wind Systems is not only turning profitable this year, but is showing a greater expansion to big market-potential countries like China

Gary Greenberg, a global-investing specialist, recently named Vestas Wind Systems as on of the companies with the most promising alternative-energy technologies.

The current stock-market value might be well priced but if we look into the long-term potential of this company along with the rising net profit margin there is a strong probability that the stock will continue to trend higher in the next months.

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Portugal Set to Install 48 Windfarms

2005 was a record year in wind energy growth

In terms of new installed capacity in 2005, the US was clearly leading with 2,431 MW, followed by Germany (1,808 MW), Spain (1,764 MW), India (1,430 MW), Portugal (500 MW) and China (498 MW). This development shows that new players such as Portugal and China are gaining ground.

Portugal seems to show some promise in wind and solar energy growth for the next years.
In the news:

The Eolicas de Portugal consortium, in which ENDESA owns a 30% stake, has won the Portuguese government's concession to install windfarms with a total capacity of 1,200 MW. The Eolicas de Portugal project entails investment exceeding Euro 1.5 billion [US$1.9 billion] between 2006 and 2011 and the installation of 48 windfarms with capacity of between 20 and 25 MW at a variety of sites throughout Portugal.

The Eolicas de Portugal project will generate over 1,800 new jobs, and involve the development of an industrial estate in Viana do Castelo with a planned total surface area of 135,000 square meters. The facility will consist of the production facilities required to guarantee the integral production of a new ENERCON wind turbine model, the E-82, for the consortium, with a production capacity of 180 wind turbines/year and 600 poles/year.

Full article here

The countries with the highest total installed capacity are Germany (18,428 MW), Spain (10,027 MW), the USA (9,149 MW), India (4,430 MW) and Denmark (3,122).

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